Not just another news app.

The Challenge

To quickly deliver an app that combines timely content curated by human editors with content algorithmically selected based on the user’s preferences and behaviour, in order to secure the right to be pre-installed on Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S7.

Because Upday is a joint venture between Axel Springer and Samsung, stakeholder management and the ability to facilitate workshops and ongoing collaboration between parties with different expectations and goals was extremely important.

My Role

My official role was as leader of the monetisation team, where I was tasked with finding a sustainable business model for Upday, initiating a qualitative and quantitative user research programme, and managing our relationship with Samsung for the integration of Samsung Pay and Samsung Accounts.

I was also deeply involved outside my own team: advising on product and UX strategy, producing artefacts like competitive analyses, personas, wireframes and user journeys, facilitating discovery and concept workshops, managing internal stakeholders, leading user research sessions, creating user stories and roadmaps, and mentoring more junior product and UX practitioners.

My Contribution

  • Discovery
  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Research