Tutors in the palm of your hand.

The Challenge

Gojimo is an early-stage startup whose free quiz app was used by 1⁄5 of all GCSE and A- level students in 2015. In order to secure Series A funding, Gojimo needed to find a way to generate revenue without alienating its users.

User research showed that Gojimo users would not pay for content, but would pay for tutoring services if offered. The CEO brought me and a lead developer on in December, and we had three months before the start of exam revision season in March to flesh out the Gojimo Tutor concept, complete discovery and user research, hire a development team and visual designer, design and build the app, and test various pricing and service models with users.

Because Gojimo was a tiny company in a race against the clock, quickly creating a viable product and UX strategy, communicating the vision and roadmap to a brand new team, quickly hiring amazing developers and design talent, and encouraging creative problem solving and bold experimentation to push revolutionary change were all extremely important.

My Role

My role was Head of Product and UX, where I was responsible for leading the discovery process; creating the product and design roadmap; hiring a design and development team; leading user research sessions and analysing results; creating wireframes and design specifications; writing user stories and managing the Scrum process; choosing and vetting third-party vendors; and administering the beta programme.

My Contribution

  • Concept
  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Research
  • Prototyping