Hallo Berlin!
Hallo Berlin!

I’m Charlotte.And I'd like to work with you.

I ‘m an experienced Agile product manager with an interest in music, travel, journalism, and working with startups that need cheerful and ambitious people who get things done. I have a both strong understanding of technology and a knack for interpreting the desires and behaviors of end users.

My background is in more than just community management: I’ve also done (and enjoyed) web analytics and content strategy for some of the world’s best-known publications. That grounding in using hard data and quantitative analysis to back up assumptions and decisions continues to serve me well.

Scroll down to find out a bit more about my background, and what we can do together.

The Story So FarHere's what I've been doing for the last few years.

M y career trajectory has evolved as my interests have evolved. Throughout my working life I’ve tried to answer questions I have about the limits of technology and increase my understanding of the world through gaining new experience. Along the way I’ve had the good fortune of working with enormously smart people that have invested their time in helping me learn and grow. I’m delighted to pay it forward whenever I can.

Digital Content Strategist
Digital Content StrategistReason Magazine
Before turning freelance I was the digital content strategist for Reason’s website. Amongst other responsibilities, I was responsible for community management, creating and running social media campaigns, writing and editing Reason’s daily email newsletters, and managing and prioritizing bug reports/feature requests.
Web Analyst
Web AnalystThe New York Times
I acted as the subject matter expert for newsroom analytics, making sure that the Times’s writers and editors knew how readers interacted with the content. I also provided reporting on the Times’s rollout of its new paywall, helping to form hypotheses we could A/B test on the site in order to improve user experience and conversions.
Manager, Analytics and Consumer Insights
Manager, Analytics and Consumer InsightsNewsweek Magazine
Newsweek hired me to take over their analytics practice. After they decided to merge with The Daily Beast, they relied on me to provide market research to support the sale of the magazine and data-backed recommendations for user stories to inform their site redesign.
Founder and CEO
Founder and CEOinspirIT
inspirIT provided WordPress development and technology support services to artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people. I founded the company, hired and managed a team of developers, and somehow also found time to do marketing and customer relations.
Project Manager
Project ManagerBridgewater Associates
I acted as the project manager for the transition of Tier 1 and 2 IT support from various distributed teams to the new Network Operations Center. This meant writing the use cases, training NOC staff in support tasks, and conducting acceptance tests as each responsibility was transferred.
Co-Founder and CMO
Co-Founder and CMOResurgam Consulting
Resurgam Consulting did WordPress site design and development for Moscow start-ups, artists, and bands. My responsibility was product management: working with our clients to understand their needs, facilitating design sessions, and managing the feature backlog.

What I DoWhat I'm best at, and what I'd like to do for you.

T here are a few things that I’ve always done, no matter what my actual job title was. They are, in no particular order: teaching people, managing projects/products, acting as a voice for end users and their needs, and building teams and communities. Those things are what motivate me, and the opportunity to continue doing them is what I seek in a new role.

For the last 6 years I’ve been an enthusiastic Agile practitioner. I really like that Agile allows the PM and the development team to be responsive to user and team needs, and that it focuses on constant incremental improvement – sprints, not marathons.
That being said, I’m more attached to doing what works than to promoting any one particular methodology. Does your team like Scrum? XP? Kanban? TDD? Awesome! I’m flexible.

My interest in analytics grew out of a question that came to me when I was leading inspirIT: Can we (and how can we) use numbers to quantify how people behave, and what they want and need online?
For the past 5 years I’ve worked with some of the world’s best-known publications to quantify how website users behave and how publishers and other content creators can more effectively monetize those users, while still providing them with a customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.
Some tools I like: Google Analytics, R, SQL, Tableau, Omniture

From a child I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I co-founded a business straight out of college, just before the 2008 financial crisis hit. The business I founded on my own, inspirIT, was busy and profitable — but I realized that a service business wasn’t what I wanted, and decided that my “pivot” would be to return to work for others and learn as much as I could about the many questions that interested me, but that I couldn’t pursue while running a business.
Though it’s emphatically not a good thing to set yourself up to fail, the most powerful learning experiences often come from having tried something that didn’t work out. Fortunately I’ve learned from mistakes I made at my first companies due to lack of real-world experience. Analyzing what went wrong and why has helped me become a more patient, thorough, and persistent person, and a better leader as well. That’s the essence of being an entrepreneur: to learn, often through adversity, to make better decisions.

Coming from a mixed background as both a technologist and a businessperson, I know how hard it is to find people who can act as a conduit between technical staff and the world of end users, marketers, and management. My ability to translate between the two worlds is one of the reasons I first became a product manager. It’s also the reason that I still love the job.

Get In Touch.Let's talk about all the great things we can do together.

About YouRecognize yourself? Let's talk.

T his site was designed to tell you a bit about who I am and what I do. But let me tell you a bit more about you.

You have a Big Idea. You’re connecting people in a way they have never been connected before, and you’re doing it on a mass scale. You have complex and interesting problems, and want people who enjoy solving those problems on a daily basis. You provide your employees opportunities to make concrete contributions and see the effect their work is having on the product and the bottom line.

You’re very open about who you are and what you stand for. You’re excited to tell everyone what you do and how you’re changing the world. And your culture is one of honesty and transparency. You encourage employees to live a healthy, full, fulfilling life outside of work. When they give it their all, you’re there to reward them.

If this is you, I’d like to work with you. Get in touch and we’ll go from there.

Tschüss!I'm sure we'll meet again soon.